I’m a filmmaker/entrepreneur celebrating 20 years of making movies that entertain, provoke thought, stir emotions and inspire ideas. The purpose of this site is to share what I know through achievements and experiences of my own, offer some insight into how I do what I do and share and my thoughts on the entertainment industry. I love what I do because it involves so many other things I enjoy; technology, gear, fashion, set design, music, food and people.


Billboard is a story about a radio station owner trying to keep his station, WTYT 960, afloat by pulling out one of the oldest tricks in radio, the wacky contest. He announces the Great WTYT 960 Billboard Sitting Contest, where four lucky people will live on a catwalk, in front of a billboard, until one person remains, in hopes of winning “nine-sixty thousand” dollars and a mobile home. All they have to do is be the last person to survive, living on a billboard.

The story is told across multiple platforms. The web series focuses on the plight of the four billboard sitting contestants, their trials and tribulation as they attempt to survive living on a billboard. The movie focuses on the radio station and it’s owner and how he tries to keep his dad’s legacy alive and the station afloat. It’s a story told from two different perspectives, creating a “story-world” where the audience can engage one part of the story and discover another.


Do you question yourself, why do I do what I do? I stopped, a few years back. I banished any notion of uncertainty and decided that I would not do anything else but to faciliate creations of my own and others. I love to create and admire others that do as well. I’m inspired by fellow filmmakers who take the risk and persevere through many obstacles in the pursuit of THEIR vision, telling stories their own way and in their own time. Writers who share their knowledge and take me on journeys yet traveled, words matter. Farmers who raise heritage breed hogs or chefs who concoct dishes with ingredients from the far edges of the earth. The people who make things not to just make them but those who craft with respect to their resources. These things excite me. Genuinely excitement. My wife Elaine catches me giggling from time to time. Thinking of discovery and sharing brings a smile to my face.

I have had many experiences which I will share over time. I am not a series of labels nor do I feel compelled to rattle off my vita. I am man who loves, creates, learns, and shares. A man who lives without fear.


The Blur

Upon viewing many of the top films this year there is one thing they all have in common, the lack of focus. I do not mean story focus but camera focus. Why is this? Most filmmakers/cinematographers strive to achieve focus, that beautiful rack focus between two characters drawing attention from one to the other. When …

Virtual Reality

VR has been one of those things I’ve been debating about for months as to whether or not I should dip my creative toe in to. I’ve donned the headpiece/eye set before but those experiences paled in comparison as to my experience this past New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house where I also wore …